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Iain Sanderson

Benefit from my experiences to save time and money plus reduce undue pressures on yourself, colleagues, family and friends.

I've been around various blocks and industries and made judgements and decisions, some right, others less so. More of the former means I feel empowered to work with you and give you the edge across commercial dilemmas and responsibilities.

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I believe in partnerships, not just transactions. With this approach, I worked tirelessly towards equipping my clients with the people skills tools and strategies for the leadership their business needs.

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Priestley Haulage


Dynamo London Taxi Co.

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Make the most of my leadership experiences across so many business types. Let's turn problems and issues into not just solutions, but steps forwards for you and your team. Loneliness at the top isn't a cliche, it's a reality I can help alleviate to make you a more accomplished leader of your business.


Non Executive

Having both led and served on many boards, I am more than just a passenger. As non-exec my role is to add value via experience and resourcefulness to your
business and board decision making. Not least that means boldly saying both no as well as yes to you and your top team.

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After a UK and then International role with a large group I was the lead founder of a marketing agency which grew in 10 years from 2 to 150 people before successful sale. This included the rare feat of exceeding a tough earn-out. The leadership learnings were immense with many mistakes and successes along the journey. I have now packaged these for my Clients, I call them 'brush strokes', just one a day will make all the difference and are ready to be shared. I went on to head up a £85m division of over 500 ambitious graduate executives, a challenge indeed with daily sometimes even hourly learnings.

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Client Testimonials

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Delivery Guy

Iain was not only always at the end of a phone but also his black book yielded a brilliant Brussels based branding expert who helped me transform our business. Revenues now exceed €15.0m with strong margins.

Hugh McAvinue MD,  Champicarde Mushrooms, France.

Iain was our Board non executive during a tough time for the business. His advice was practical and clearly communicated. He was with us for 2 years and to the day FST sold we followed much of his advice and duly prospered. Thank you Iain.

Mark Howard, Founder of FST Agency, Marlow

Iain has mentored me for several years now. Our meetings leave me feeling much better about myself and the issues of the month ahead. My organisation is complex, he truly helps me unpick the locks, most of which I've created myself!

London based with global role, senior insurance executive

How Iain understood haulage, freight forwarding and baking was beyond me. A very busy, strong minded, family run fifty truck business plus a large bakery meant there were many extraordinary meetings. As non-exec Chairman Iain sat calmly through and gave us the clarity we wouldn't have otherwise achieved.

Mark Priestley, Founder of Priestley Haulage and Priestley Bakers.

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To find out more drop me a note and I'll discretely get in touch via your chosen route. Then let's meet for a chat and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

London, UK

+44 (0)7771791070

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